We Are Spoke

Marriott Plus Platform




Headquartered in our hometown of DC, Marriott invited Spoke to collaborate with their digital team to raise awareness of the launch of their PLUS platform among their network of 5,000+ locations globally. Our objective was to concisely communicate the value of the PLUS platform in such a way that would demystify its technical components, ultimately with the goal of driving platform acquisition.





We chose video animation as our medium for both marketing the value behind the PLUS platform and distilling the complexities of the technology. We began by equipping the PLUS platform with a set of brand and color assets that would be used throughout our series of animations that could offer a cohesive but playful presentation across both the technical and marketing-themed videos.

We crafted our message for each video through script-writing and storyboard workshops, which were then brought to life through the animation and voice-over production stages.


Our creative vision ultimately produced two 3-minute long-form animations that were also spliced and reproduced into smaller clips that could be used as GIF-style media content across the PLUS team’s social and digital channels. Our animations have led to over 3,000 subscribers onto the PLUS platform out of the network of 5,000 facilities.