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EPSA Rebrand

Corporate Branding



With 2017 marking its 20th anniversary, the Electric Power Supply Association (EPSA) asked Spoke to partner with them in a holistically rethink their brand vision.  As advocates for competitive power markets, EPSA represents some of most influential power companies and their interests across both state and federal regulatory issues. This new brand needed to reflect the sophistication of their work and their aspirations for the organization in the next 20 years.





Our branding work began with deep research into where the association was at present, how that differed from its origins, and where they sought to grow in the coming years. With this in mind, we created a new mark and identity that’s distinct and purposeful. Rather than adhering to any single energy source’s identifying color, our mark reflects a variety of energy sources that are unified through a central, purple spark. That spark and the purple color became the foundation for our brand vision that we used to build out a completely new website.


Our efforts culminated in the evolution of the brand narrative from a historic focus on the explicit sources of energy to it’s broader and ubiquitous applications in every day society. We launched a new identity, bespoke association website, marketing collateral and a curated suit of iconography & photography. Most notably, we transitioned the legacy site into a completely redesigned architecture that’s mobile-responsive, UX optimized, SEO-friendly, and includes a custom-built document uploader & filing tool to replace the outdated legacy software.